Friday, March 23, 2012

Barbie Mansion Redesign Part 2

The first step to this process is removing all the stickers. I didn't have any "Goo Gone" nor did I want to buy any. So I researched some ways to do this by using some products you can find at home. Before trying anything I manually removed as many of the stickers as I could. First thing I tried was all-purpose cleaner. Didn't do the trick as I wanted it to. Next up, nail polish remover. This worked well on the areas where there were small stickers but I still needed something better for the big sticker areas. Then I tried vinegar and peanut butter. Neither work very well-vinegar is stinky and peanut butter is just messy! Alas, I found a solution! Baby oil!! Yay! Finally something I can use my baby oil with.

Once all the stickers were completely removed, I gave the whole thing a good wash. Then the painting began. It took about 3.5 cans of Krylon brand white paint for plastic. Silly me, I had just painted my nails the night before and now they're all white :p. Note to self: Next time, use gloves!

So here it is, all painted! Took me awhile to finally paint it as I've been sick this past week with a cold and when I was starting to feel better, BAM I got strep throat again. had it quite a bit last year but thats irrelevant :).

So for the design scheme, I wanted to go with something elegant and modern since the architecture in this dollhouse is so beautiful! I'm leaning towards scheme no. 3, but I LOVE polka dots so maybe no. 2?

Well now that paintings done, it's off to find some wallpaper! Have a wonderful day :)

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