Monday, March 26, 2012

Barbie Mansion Redesign Part 3

The wallpaper is finally up!! I totally got inspired by a completely different design scheme. As you can tell from previous posts, this scheme is my current obsession.

Naturally, I ran into some difficulties as I was installing the wallpaper. I used simple sheets of paper (standard paper thickness), applied Mod Podge to back and on walls of house. Similar to installing real wallpaper on your home walls, I used a flat object to smooth out the paper to avoid any air bubbles. Well some things are just unavoidable no matter how hard you to try to prevent them.

I added some walls for the bathroom to enclose it a but more. I also put in a floor where there was a gap.
I added the missing dowel over the master bedroom window, just have to make some pretty curtains now. :)

The columns had the Wild Cats logo on it so I covered it up with some card stock and a pretty embellishment. I can totally still see the logo underneath hehe.

Until next time, happy day!! :)

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