Monday, April 30, 2012

Recipes: Homemade Pizza Bagels

Several times I have attempted to make my own mini pizzas with toast, cheese, marinara sauce, ect. Well, by fluke I figured out (on my own) how to make the best homemade pizza [bagels]!

homemade pizza bagel cheese green onions

All you need is:
-Everything Bagels
-Grated Cheese
-Pizza Sauce
-Any other fixings you'd like to add (I made mine with green onions fresh from my garden)

Pop em' in the oven [or toaster oven] until the cheese melted, and enjoy! Easy, cheap and oh so good!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Crochet Bow Headband

I recently got hooked on crocheting. (haha, hooked :)) For the longest time I wanted to learn how to but my mom was quite rusty on it as she hadn't done it in so long. Then, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I got myself some crochet hooks and yarn and I sat in front of my computer. Yes, youtube taught me to crochet and I'm okay with that haha.

I was looking on pinterest to get some ideas on what to make and I decided to make this super cute bow headband.

On the first try, I ended up making the band too short so I had to redo it and now it fits so perfectly. It connects in the back with 2 buttons. This pattern is super easy and you can find it right here.

crochet bow headband

Thanks for reading :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Remote Caddy Upcycle

I picked up a cute blond remote caddy from a lady in town. I only have about 2 remotes total in my house so I didn't need it for that. I saw some really nice makeup caddys on Pinterest that caught my eye.

These pretty makeup caddys go for around $100 (thats if you don't want it customized) however, they are apparently unavailable now but I wouldn't have spent that much money on it anyways.

This was the original. It would make a perfect little makeup caddy since I don't wear much makeup to begin with. I don't care too much for the colour as it doesn't go with my decor so I painted it black. Now it matches my bedroom decor AND my bathroom, and best of all I can easily transfer it from one room to the next. I just love it!

Thanks for reading :)

Friday, April 6, 2012

The Proper Lady Rule #1

Most of our mothers, maybe even our grandmothers, have advised us over to years on how to be proper. For them, growing up back then things were a lot different, a LOT! People respected each other, boys chased girls, showing a calf was considered sexy, sex was remained after marriage (til the 60s) and dating meant to meet and mingle with many members of the opposite sex. It is so much different nowadays and in many cases, it's quite sad.

I read a book called "Women have all the power, too bad they don't know it" By Michael J. Lockwood. The author is a father of two young girls and he wrote this book for them as a guide as they transition into the dating world. It's a fantastic read, I recommend it to every woman. It makes us realize how man and woman are supposed to be and their roles that they were given as humans.

Anyways, I will start posting facts here & there about some knowledge and insight my parents have taught me over the years. (These are in no specific order)

Rule #1: The middle-finger skirt rule. This rule is quite simple and I really hope women start going by it if they don't already. You should never ever wear a skirt that is shorter than the length of your middle finger. Let me explain it better. If you stand straight up and put your arms straight at your sides along your hips, the point where your middle finger (the longest one) touches your thigh is the absolute shortest any dress or skirt or should ever be.
When we show a lot of skin, it tells men in a non-verbal way (obviously, hah) that we are easy or we don't respect ourselves fully. Men who do like it, like it because they think they have potential in getting some from you. Your clothing tells a lot more about you than you think it does. 

Thanks for reading and remember, keep calm & stay classy

DIY Drawer Organization

diy drawer organizer cardboard cereal box

My utensil drawer was such a mess! I kept hunting for perfect organizers that would fit just right. I even made an out-of-town trip to IKEA to get some organizers only to find out that when I got home, they didn't fit at all! I measured them before-hand but I must have miscalculated. Anyways, I always have tons of cardboard and recyclables lying around because I love finding projects to use them with.

So I decided, why not use some cardboard to make my own custom drawer organizers! It's really easy and fast! All you need is:

-Cardboard (a couple cereal boxes)
-Exacto Knife or Detail Knife(optional)

cardboard cereal box

Start by opening up the cereal boxes. Measure your drawer, then measure the width and length you want your first section to be. Open up the boxes so they are flat. I used a detail knife (this one) to create folding creases. Cut the measured cardboard and tape the taps over; trim edges(optional).

Continue doing this until you have made all necessary boxes for your drawer and voila, your done! You can even cover the boxes with wallpaper or card stock to make them look pretty. (I'll be doing that once I find some that I like).
diy drawer organizer cardboard cereal box

I used 2 cereal boxes (one large and one small). My drawer measured at 15.2" x 18.8".

diy drawer organizer cardboard cereal box

Thanks for reading, have a wonderful day.

Front Entrance Organization

For quite some time I longed for the perfect front hallway storage. I considered a cute bench that opened with storage inside and storage baskets along the bottom. Unfortunately they were all quite expensive and when I really thought about it, it would't fit anyways (I have a base heater that runs along half the entrance way).
shoe bench

Then I considered those half-drawer looking things that would fit nicely in tight areas such as mine.
ikea hemnes shoe dresser

I found these great storage bins at IKEA that were not only affordable, but their light in weight, non-permanent and take up a small amount of space. I keep some shoes at the bottom, the middle cubbies are for scarfs and mits, and the top cubbies are for nicknacks such as sunglasses and such.

Theres even a space on these where you can apply labels.  Might do that in the future using chalkboard paper. I love my hooks I have beside these bins. They are also from IKEA. I made them the perfect height for my son to hang his backpack and coat on. I almost forgot to mention, these bins come separately and all you do is screw them together. Very easy!

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading, have a wonderful day.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Country Shab Chic

I just picked up these shoes the other day and I just love them!

On the same day as I picked them up, I found this really cute brown ruffled waist belt that I just had to have. Hehe I got it for a discount as one of the snaps was broken off :). I thought it matched my new shoes quite perfectly so I put together an outfit for them.

Plaid Blouse: Antilia Femme;
Black Skirt: Dynamite;
Belt: Claires;
Shoes: Spring;

Thanks for stopping by :)

Vintage Love Part 2

As mentioned in a preview post (Vintage Love Part 1), I've been wanting to redesign my lovely vintage perego bassinet stroller. I've had it on the back burner for awhile now just because I've been busy with everything else and I wasn't too sure on the colours or the design quite yet.
In case you don't know, this is what my perego looks like. :)

I like the style of ruffles in this image above and of course, the bow. 
I want it to be neutral and classy so I want to go with black, to keep it elegant, beige to keep it neutral and a bow or two to make it classy. I'm thinking of tiering the ruffles starting with black, followed by beige and perhaps white? Not too sure, but these ruffles I found are quite cute.

Cant forget the bow! (Or maybe it should be black?)
If I go with this scheme, I will change the hood to black. I'm also loving the idea of adding a wicker basket on the bottom.
Stay tuned! Till next time, happy blogging!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Vintage Chic Inspired

In a previous post, I talked about some pretty items I had found at Michaels and how the decor line they had inspired me in many ways.

I went to my local thrift store recently and I had found a perfume atomiser. Not only was it vintage, it was pink!!
So now it sits - all pretty - on my dresser with my other pretty things. (Tins, 'Dream' ornament and dress form jewellery holder are all from Michaels)

If anyone has any good tips on how I should go about cleaning my perfume atomiser (the fabric parts), please leave a comment. Thanks for reading!

Spring Fashion

Lately I've been loving pastels for everything - design, decor and of course, fashion. Whether it be head to toe in pastels or just a splash of colour, I love it all.

And for those cool spring days...
I am totally in love with oversize sweaters! I have still yet to find the perfect one for myself but I won't stop searching!

Lace and crochet are definitely making their way into my wardrobe. 
crochet shorts
These beautiful crochet shorts can be found here.

I love love love these high-waisted sailor shorts! I found an awesome DIY on how to make your own pair (which is what I'll be doing in the near future, stay tuned!!) the pattern is for children however you can easily make them to any size(and of course, you don't need to have a different fabric for the trim). This step by step guide can be found right here!

Stay tuned for more fashion, crafts, diys and more!
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