Friday, April 6, 2012

DIY Drawer Organization

diy drawer organizer cardboard cereal box

My utensil drawer was such a mess! I kept hunting for perfect organizers that would fit just right. I even made an out-of-town trip to IKEA to get some organizers only to find out that when I got home, they didn't fit at all! I measured them before-hand but I must have miscalculated. Anyways, I always have tons of cardboard and recyclables lying around because I love finding projects to use them with.

So I decided, why not use some cardboard to make my own custom drawer organizers! It's really easy and fast! All you need is:

-Cardboard (a couple cereal boxes)
-Exacto Knife or Detail Knife(optional)

cardboard cereal box

Start by opening up the cereal boxes. Measure your drawer, then measure the width and length you want your first section to be. Open up the boxes so they are flat. I used a detail knife (this one) to create folding creases. Cut the measured cardboard and tape the taps over; trim edges(optional).

Continue doing this until you have made all necessary boxes for your drawer and voila, your done! You can even cover the boxes with wallpaper or card stock to make them look pretty. (I'll be doing that once I find some that I like).
diy drawer organizer cardboard cereal box

I used 2 cereal boxes (one large and one small). My drawer measured at 15.2" x 18.8".

diy drawer organizer cardboard cereal box

Thanks for reading, have a wonderful day.

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