Friday, April 6, 2012

Front Entrance Organization

For quite some time I longed for the perfect front hallway storage. I considered a cute bench that opened with storage inside and storage baskets along the bottom. Unfortunately they were all quite expensive and when I really thought about it, it would't fit anyways (I have a base heater that runs along half the entrance way).
shoe bench

Then I considered those half-drawer looking things that would fit nicely in tight areas such as mine.
ikea hemnes shoe dresser

I found these great storage bins at IKEA that were not only affordable, but their light in weight, non-permanent and take up a small amount of space. I keep some shoes at the bottom, the middle cubbies are for scarfs and mits, and the top cubbies are for nicknacks such as sunglasses and such.

Theres even a space on these where you can apply labels.  Might do that in the future using chalkboard paper. I love my hooks I have beside these bins. They are also from IKEA. I made them the perfect height for my son to hang his backpack and coat on. I almost forgot to mention, these bins come separately and all you do is screw them together. Very easy!

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading, have a wonderful day.

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