Monday, April 30, 2012

Recipes: Homemade Pizza Bagels

Several times I have attempted to make my own mini pizzas with toast, cheese, marinara sauce, ect. Well, by fluke I figured out (on my own) how to make the best homemade pizza [bagels]!

homemade pizza bagel cheese green onions

All you need is:
-Everything Bagels
-Grated Cheese
-Pizza Sauce
-Any other fixings you'd like to add (I made mine with green onions fresh from my garden)

Pop em' in the oven [or toaster oven] until the cheese melted, and enjoy! Easy, cheap and oh so good!

1 comment:

  1. How I wish I have a garden! Freshly picked onions are always the best for toppings. I am already craving for this recipe as I look at it. I can’t believe I still have 4 hours to dinner! This post will surely delight other readers as well as restaurant Fort Lauderdale providers out there who are looking for fresh ideas. I might as well make some for snacks. Thanks for sharing!


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