Friday, April 6, 2012

The Proper Lady Rule #1

Most of our mothers, maybe even our grandmothers, have advised us over to years on how to be proper. For them, growing up back then things were a lot different, a LOT! People respected each other, boys chased girls, showing a calf was considered sexy, sex was remained after marriage (til the 60s) and dating meant to meet and mingle with many members of the opposite sex. It is so much different nowadays and in many cases, it's quite sad.

I read a book called "Women have all the power, too bad they don't know it" By Michael J. Lockwood. The author is a father of two young girls and he wrote this book for them as a guide as they transition into the dating world. It's a fantastic read, I recommend it to every woman. It makes us realize how man and woman are supposed to be and their roles that they were given as humans.

Anyways, I will start posting facts here & there about some knowledge and insight my parents have taught me over the years. (These are in no specific order)

Rule #1: The middle-finger skirt rule. This rule is quite simple and I really hope women start going by it if they don't already. You should never ever wear a skirt that is shorter than the length of your middle finger. Let me explain it better. If you stand straight up and put your arms straight at your sides along your hips, the point where your middle finger (the longest one) touches your thigh is the absolute shortest any dress or skirt or should ever be.
When we show a lot of skin, it tells men in a non-verbal way (obviously, hah) that we are easy or we don't respect ourselves fully. Men who do like it, like it because they think they have potential in getting some from you. Your clothing tells a lot more about you than you think it does. 

Thanks for reading and remember, keep calm & stay classy

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