Monday, May 28, 2012

Crochet Pattern: Hacky Sack

Quite some time ago, a friend of mine purchased a hacky sack from a local smoke shop and it was unlike any hacky I'd ever felt. It had such a great consistancy, unlike the typical stiff and crunchy filling I've known. You know what it was? Sand!

I was trying to come up with some homemade gift ideas for my brothers birthday and part way through my project, I decided to make it a hacky sac.

-Crochet hook 4.0mm
-Wool needle for sewing
-Nylons (cut about 4" from toe)
-1/2 Cup of Sand

ch - chain stitch
sl st - slip stitch
sc - single crochet
dc - double crochet
2dctog - 2 double crochets in same st
dcdec - double crochet descrease (Instructions here)

Row 1: ch 4 and sl st into first st. 8 sc's in the loop.
Row 2-3: ch 1, *db, 2dctog* repeat between *'s til end. sl st in first st, (optional: ch on new colour yarn every other row after sl st)

Row 4-5: ch 1, dc in each st. finish round with sl st in first st.
Row 6: ch 1, *dc in next st, dcdec* repeat between *'s til end of round. sl st in first st.

Fill nylon with sand. Fit inside hacky to make sure it fits well (but still has some room). Sew it up and keep it inside your hacky.

Row 7: ch 1, dc in each st. finish round with sl st in first st.
Row 8: ch 1, dcdec to end of round, sl st in first st.
Row 9: To close, sc in each st, end off. Tuck the remaining yarn inside the hacky sac.


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