Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Vintage Finds

I love vintage, and Im not putting that lightly as a strong like. I truly love it. I often goto thrift stores and garage sales in hopes of finding fantastic items-which I have and this is where I will be sharing them with you.

My Latest find is this vintage scale, (not sure what year).

retro vintage scale canisters pyrex

I also found a steal of a deal for this beautiful yellow pyrex mixing bowl. 

Aren't these canisters great? I've thought about painting my kitchen red and I also thought about painting these red, but if my kitchen is red....would it be too much? I'm just missing the large 'flour' canister but I WILL find! (one day)

vintage train marx #20102 caboose

I found this adorable little HO model train red caboose # 20102 at a garage sale which is made by Marx. It is all metal including the wheels. It was manufactured in 1934! It's missing some wheels and it's awesomely dirty, just the way I like my vintage stuff to be. :)

vintage phonograph cylinder edison

Have you ever seen these? These are cylinder phonographs which was how people used to listen to music before vinyl records came out. They would play on a phonograph, like this (see image below). Unfortunately, I don't think mine can be played. It appears to have a huge crack going straight through (as you can see in the image above).


vintage phonograph cylinder edison

vintage phonograph cylinder edison

The label on this states it was made in the 1900s by the National Phonograph Co. by Thomas A. Edison which is a one track record about 4 minutes in length.

Till next time, stay classy :)

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