Thursday, June 7, 2012

Stacey Lately

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to make a post of what I've been up to lately, why not right?

Since I've taught myself to crochet, I can't stop! And since I joined Pinterest, well....I can't stop either. I found a cute towel holder from here that inspired me to make one myself. I didn't mean to make it the same colour but hey you really can't go wrong with white, am I right? Hah. I made mine much simpler than hers though hers is super cute too!

Something else I've wanted to do for awhile is learn to play the piano. My sister gave me hers (Yamaha PSR-290)in hopes of helping me to learn so I could then teach her.'s been collecting dust for quite some time now. Until now. I was offered a free piano lesson at Best Buy that I actually just did the other day and I picked up on it pretty fast, I'm quite proud. I came home after that and dusted her off and man did it feel good. In fact, the guy who gave me the lesson was so kind as to offer me an additional free lesson next week so I'm pretty excited for that.

This is awesome!! Found it here, I would bring this with me everywhere if I had one!

I've been noticing a lot lately how much bad food I eat though I am getting better. This was my breakfast this morning; Low-fat vanilla yogurt, granola and fresh blueberries. I'm also buying way more fruits and veggies than I ever have and it feels great. My raspberries and strawberries in my backyard are blooming and I cannot wait to pick them! I love gardening, sure I get lazy and miss a watering every now and then but they're still living. I didn't plant nearly as much as I hoped for this year. In addition to my berries I have tomatoes, green onions, yellow onions, small potatoes, basil, parsley and chives. I wanted to plant some asparagus, red peppers, peas, carrots and some more herbs but....well I got lazy again and it was too late. Maybe next year.

And thats me lately! Take care :)

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