Friday, July 27, 2012

DIY Felt Sugar Cookies

Not only are these little 'sugar cookies' adorable, they're super easy to make. I made these for my baby sister and my niece last year for the holidays and they are absolutely in love with them. They are also perfect for little tea parties :)

Here is what you need to make 6 cookies,

Felt Sheets (2-3 beige, 1 pink, 1 white & 1 brown)
Small Beads (I used 4-5 different sets)
Beige Thread
Sewing Needle

With a piece of paper, grab a cup and trace the rim. Cut the shape out of the paper and pin it onto your beige felt sheets. It might be easier to cut through 2 sheets at once (for the top and bottom of the cookie). 

After you've cut out a total of 12 beige circles, use the paper circle pattern to make the 'icing'. Follow the same instruction as you did with the beige sheets for the other colours.

Once you have all the felt cut out, start by hand-stitching several beads onto each 'icing top'. This is how the icing is attached to the cookie top. Then your going to Blanket Stitch  the cookie top & bottom together. Once you get a little over halfway around, fill it with the batting and continue stitching until its closed. Continue for rest of cookies until your done.


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