Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fall Wedding

Some good friends of mine are getting married this fall in the bush. They are such friendly, loving and accepting friends and I wanted to make them a special gift. Now, I haven't ever made a blanket yet but I am so excited! I had to show you a preview of what I have so far [I have to hurry though!] Pattern via Attic24, the fantastic easy pattern can be found here.

UPDATE: So it's been about 5 days (feels like a month..) since I was at this point. I'm now finishing up row 6. I seriously feel like it's going to and is taking me a lifetime. I'm very nervous that I will not get this made in time for September 28th but here's hoping!! Between school work, work work, personal work and life...It will truly be a miracle is I finish this in time. Anyways heres a progress photo! It's looking GREAT and I am really excited to see the final product when it's done.

UPDATE: So, the wedding is this weekend and I was clearly in over my head with this project. As much as I tried to finish this, it was next to impossible. The beautiful yarn I used was discontinued and each one only made 8 rows on this huge blanket. Sooo.....I've altered this project to a matching pair of slippers. More photos to come! (and the wedding).

UPDATE: The wedding was absolutely amazing, full of love of friendships. Check out a few photos from their big day.

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