Friday, July 27, 2012

My Cruiser Repaint

I'm going to start by expressing my love for cruiser bikes. I LOVE THEM! I've always dreamed of having one. One of my favourite movies being 'Now & Then', the four girls are always riding around their town circa 1970 with their cruiser bikes and oh it brings me so much youth. That might sound a bit odd granted that I am only 23 (Shh!!!) it's just something about those days, 1940-1970...ahhhh so much love for it.

But let's stay on topic, shall we? I finally got myself one!! Eeeee! This is it [below]. My Huffy Cranbrook Cruiser. 


I purchased this bike from Wal-mart, it was the last one before they discontinued them so tons of girls in my town have these bikes. Now I LOVE the colours of it already, it has that vintage look to it buuuuuuut I don't want the same bike as other people. I want an awesome, wowing cruiser bike that I've always dreamed of. So this post is basically me swishing around ideas and colour schemes in my head onto the computer. 

Summer Popsicle - Lime green and fuchsia will be the colours for the body, rims and fins. The basket would be spray painted black and the cream colour could be somewhere in the small parts (not completely sure yet).

Beachwalk Ice Cream - Very similar to what it currently is. Keeping the beautiful sea foam colour and adding the coral as a complementing colour. The basket would be painted a dark brown and the beige would be on the rims.

Bold Babe - Turquoise and cherry for the body colours, white for details and a black basket.

I am still undecided as to which one I want to choose. The Summer Popsicle scheme is awesomely vibrant and playful; Beachwalk Ice Cream is very cutesy and playful; and Bold Babe is unique and classy looking. Which do you like most?

Feel free to give suggestions and comments too :)

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