Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Strawberry Love

Strawberries are one of my absolute favourite fruits of all time, always have been and most likely always will be. Last year I planted a small strawberry shrub in my garden which quickly took over my garden. Sadly, bugs kept eating them so I never got to. This year, I got one of those upside down planters for strawberries and transferred it. They were growing great for awhile until I got spur caught up with work, school and well...life. I tend to take on several [hundred] projects at once, maybe its cause I like to keep busy?

This is what I WISH and thought they would look like....but now they are the complete opposite hah.

Anyways, I basically killed my strawberry plant. I know...I'm terrible. But at least I still have tomatoes and raspberries (and the original strawberry plants still taking over my garden and still being a great provider of food for the buggies).

I wish these were some of my strawberries [before I let them die] however they only ever grew very tiny but super sweet and yummy. I found these AHdorable strawberry cups at a thrift store recently and couldn't walk away from them. My iPhone takes AWESOME pictures!! I almost don't even need to invest in one of those digital SLR's [maybe someday].

What have you fudged up with gardening?

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