Thursday, August 23, 2012

DIY Bold Striped Curtain Panels

My latest project: If your obsessed with Pinterest, like I am, then I'm sure you've seen these beautiful curtain panels all over.

Just a note, the curtain beside it is red..not purple. When I took the photo it appeared a bit purple so I just have to clarify. I absolutely love these curtains, they really make a room 'POP'.

My inspiration -> (Source: The Yellow Cape Cod).

When I saw these I fell in love. They are beautifully bold and I thought they would go amazing in my living room with my red accents. 

As a cheap approach, I purchased black & white double flat sheets from a thrift store for few bucks. Because I was working with double sheets, my measurements were not the same as hers. 

One panel: I cut 4 black and 3 white. After measuring and cutting, they measured at 14x38.5in, giving 0.5in seam allowance on top & bottom and 0.25in seam allowance along the sides. Because they are sheets, I was lucky enough that some edges were pre-hemmed. Each piece after sewing measure at 13x38 inches.

After completion, my panels measure at 94x38.5in. 

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Weekly Pinterest Finds

I have been pinning like CRAZY lately...not that I don't already on a regular basis, just a lot more in the past few days so I have lots to share. Enjoy!

I am absolutely IN LOVE with this!!!! Pin here.

I am doing this in winter!! Pin here.

Tres cute! Pin here. You could even DIY these.

Polka dot walls! old laundry basket? Uhm...YES!! Pin here.

DIY Rain Barrels. Super smart and green! Pin here.

Love love LOVE this vintage arrangement. Pin here.

Fun and beautiful kids craft/artwork! Pin here.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Kitchen Organization

Hey Everyone, I thought I'd start a post on kitchen organization and add onto it as I go. A while back, I got some jars to store my flour, rice, sugars, ect. except I didn't have anywhere to put them! I live in a small condo so my space is very limited.

I picked up this shelf unit at Walmart for $28 (reg. $48) and it works quite perfectly to store all my jars and other nicknacks. Its a bit crowded at the moment but as time goes on I'll figure out better ways. Do you see the lone jar of peaches?

These are my Grandpa's canned peaches (best in the world) that he gave to me months ago. Actually I think its been about a year now. Anyways, these are gold to me. I am saving them for a special something that may never even happen but I don't care. Don't touch my peaches :)

As temporary labels for these jars, I labeled them with dry erase markers temporarily until I get mine made. Check out my 'freebies' page for downloadable labels, buttons and more.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Getting Ready for Kindergarden

It is almost that time....Kindergarden! I used to be scared, then I got excited....and now I'm scared again haha. I got a few things (and then some, of course!) for this new beginning in my childs life.

On a random note, I found these adorable monster Popsicle molds at Stokes, aren't they cute!? Notice my new watermark in the corner of the photo? I had the idea one day to make it better and it turned out pretty good.

As most 5 year old boys, my son looovvves Angry Birds! I found a great deal at Walmart for this backpack & lunch bag set for $15!! Thats awesome considering lunch bags normally go for $15 alone. The lunch bag can be attached to the front of the backpack too, if you want :).

These lunch containers are so awesome! They come with a small water bottle that fits perfect in the larger top compartment.

Another great thing about this container, its easy to open. My son often struggles to open his containers I got from Ikea so this is great!

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Monday, August 13, 2012

This week

This week was quite enjoyable. I found some vintage items, floated down river for the first time and I had nice little day-road trip. My week can be summed up [for the most part] in these photos.

My friend's adorable retro toothpick dispenser!

Vintage Meat Grinder. Why would I need one of these? Cause its pretty :)

I am newly addicted to this delicious beverage! 
[I'm going to make my own this week]

Shabby-looking burger joint. Burger, anyone?

Enjoying ice cream by the beach

Sun is down, shoes are off, and a beautiful view.

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Filing Cabinet Makeover

I had this filing cabinet given to me for free when I got my place about 2 years ago. Every now and then it would look at me in a way that was visually displeasing way. I had purchased some fabric from IKEA awhile ago for placemats and I had some left over for this project.

What You'll Need:
-Fabric/Wallpaper/Scrapbook paper (whatever you want to cover it with)
-Adhesive Spray (depending on the material you are covering it with)
-Screwdriver (to remove handles)
-Exacto Knife (to cut out lock hold from fabric)
-Cardboard/Hard Foamboard (Something to smooth of bumps of material after adhering)

This was very easy and quick (minus paint dry time). Remove handles and drawers. Clean the unit and the drawers well before applying paint. I traced the face of the drawers onto a vinyl fabric with a 0.5" margin around and applied the spray adhesive to the back of the fabric. I then layer the drawer face down over it, wrapped the edges of fabric around the drawer and used a hard foam board to smooth out any bumps and air bubbles. For the handle holes, just poke a knife threw the fabric-covered drawer after adhering. 

Apply paint to handles and filing cabinet outdoors on covered ground. Wait a couple hours (or however long your paint can states) for it to dry. 

Then reassemble the handles and drawers back into the cabinet and your done! So easy and what a difference!! Sorry I didn't get a very good 'before' picture. I got really excited and by the time I remembered, I had already covered the top drawer (hehe). I really tried to make the fabric line up but..well, it clearly didn't want to :)

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Banana Pancakes

Making banana pancakes cause baby it's the weekend now. :) My little twist on the Jack Johnson tune [haha]

My son just loves bananas and he absolutely loves when I make these banana pancakes.

He can be quite hesitant to try new things sometimes but I wanted him to try these blueberry-stuffed raspberries I had on top of the pancakes. 

Aren't they gorgeous? Well, he didn't think they were as good as I thought were there but he tried them [not very easily] but the point is, he swallowed them. :) 

Thanks for reading!
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