Monday, August 6, 2012

Filing Cabinet Makeover

I had this filing cabinet given to me for free when I got my place about 2 years ago. Every now and then it would look at me in a way that was visually displeasing way. I had purchased some fabric from IKEA awhile ago for placemats and I had some left over for this project.

What You'll Need:
-Fabric/Wallpaper/Scrapbook paper (whatever you want to cover it with)
-Adhesive Spray (depending on the material you are covering it with)
-Screwdriver (to remove handles)
-Exacto Knife (to cut out lock hold from fabric)
-Cardboard/Hard Foamboard (Something to smooth of bumps of material after adhering)

This was very easy and quick (minus paint dry time). Remove handles and drawers. Clean the unit and the drawers well before applying paint. I traced the face of the drawers onto a vinyl fabric with a 0.5" margin around and applied the spray adhesive to the back of the fabric. I then layer the drawer face down over it, wrapped the edges of fabric around the drawer and used a hard foam board to smooth out any bumps and air bubbles. For the handle holes, just poke a knife threw the fabric-covered drawer after adhering. 

Apply paint to handles and filing cabinet outdoors on covered ground. Wait a couple hours (or however long your paint can states) for it to dry. 

Then reassemble the handles and drawers back into the cabinet and your done! So easy and what a difference!! Sorry I didn't get a very good 'before' picture. I got really excited and by the time I remembered, I had already covered the top drawer (hehe). I really tried to make the fabric line up but..well, it clearly didn't want to :)

Thanks for reading!

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