Thursday, August 2, 2012

DIY: Kids Time-Out Corner

Do you ever check out stuff on the internet and for a brief moment you see it as something totally different? Well, this happened to me yesterday and that is how I got this really cool idea. The only problem (in my case) is that my house is so small that the only 'corner' I can use is in the middle of my staires.

So I grabbed some images off google and [quickly] visualized this idea I had. My apologizes for the crappy photoshop mockup.

Some inspiring words for kids to read as they are calming down and [hopefully] reflecting their mood or previous actions. My 5 year old loves to read so I thought this was great, you can also add imagery to catch their attention that much more. A digital clock on the wall or on a surface is a great way for them to note how long they are to stay seated for. 

MAMMUT Children's stool IKEA Plastic, durable and easy to clean.
IKEA Mammut Children's stool, found here.

For the custom vinyl lettering, I found this great DIY on The Creativity Exchange.

Thanks for reading!

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