Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Getting Ready for Kindergarden

It is almost that time....Kindergarden! I used to be scared, then I got excited....and now I'm scared again haha. I got a few things (and then some, of course!) for this new beginning in my childs life.

On a random note, I found these adorable monster Popsicle molds at Stokes, aren't they cute!? Notice my new watermark in the corner of the photo? I had the idea one day to make it better and it turned out pretty good.

As most 5 year old boys, my son looovvves Angry Birds! I found a great deal at Walmart for this backpack & lunch bag set for $15!! Thats awesome considering lunch bags normally go for $15 alone. The lunch bag can be attached to the front of the backpack too, if you want :).

These lunch containers are so awesome! They come with a small water bottle that fits perfect in the larger top compartment.

Another great thing about this container, its easy to open. My son often struggles to open his containers I got from Ikea so this is great!

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