Wednesday, November 28, 2012

DIY Super Easy Scarf Tassels

When I made my first scarf, I came up with this super easy way to make and attach tassels onto scarves, blankets, what ever. Simply follow this step by step (or photo by photo) tutorial below.

All you need is:
Crochet Hook (the one your using already will work fine)

Let's get started!

Each of my tassel sections consist of three 6"(or so) pieces which are then tied in a knot to become 6 pieces in total. If your doing a two-tone tassel like I did, you will need 21 pieces for the [grey] and 18 pieces for the black. Combine these if your using a single colour.

This part depends on how many colours you will be using, I will be showing you how I did it. Start by placing your crochet hook (or a long narrow object like a pencil) between your knees, firmly. With the end of your [grey] yarn in your hand, (6in or so away from your hook) continuously wrap the yarn around your hook and finger. Count 21 wraps [start at your finger, when you wrap around the hook and back around your finger this counts as 1].

Grabbing 3 pieces, insert your hook through the first stitch on the last row. Wrap the 3 pieces of yarn around your hook and pull through. Even up the pieces once you've pulled them through. Holding them together, you now have 6 pieces. Tie them all together into a single knot. 

Once you tie the first 3 pieces onto one side, tie 3 more the same way onto the opposite side and again in the middle (shown in middle photo above). Then tie on 2 between the ends and middle. With the other colour of yarn (or remaining pieces if your using one colour), tie one in between each of the already-tied sections.

With your scissors, take each tassel and cut individually until all tassel sections are even.

And voila!!! Thats it, you are done! No complicated stitches involved, and no super repetitive cutting.


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