Friday, November 30, 2012

Macbook Pro = Tablet

I had this marvellous idea today...I wanted to paint something in photoshop but I didn't want to plug in my gigantic pen tablet in my Macbook Pro. Then I thought, well what if I use a stylus on the trackpad..woudln't that work?

I went on google right away to find an answer to my question. YES! It's true. There is a product out there called the Pogo Sketch. It is a remarkable product that allows you to use your Macbook Pro as a tablet. It also works on iPads, iPods and iPhones. AND it comes in pink!!!

This video is what answered my question so I must give her some credit! It's a great video too, she shows you how to use it, how it works on different programs and overall how great it is.

Another great thing about this pen is that it's extremely affordable! The Pogo Sketch Plus costs $14.99 and shipping as low as $5. Right away I called every electronic store in town (Staples, Best Buy, iWorld, London Drugs, The Source, Radio Shack, Future Shop) no one in my town carries this product  however I managed to get an amazing deal on the pogo sketch (not plus) on amazon (seriously my new favourite site). I might rank about amazons awesomeness in another post :).

Mine should be in my anxious hands by the end of December when I will be writing my own review. 

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