Saturday, March 31, 2012

Guide to a Perfect High-Five

Ever go to give someone a high five and miss? Ever try to do it again after and the same thing happens?Yah, we all have.

Well now you never have to worry about that again because theres a method you can use every....single....time that will always work! All you have to do is look at their elbow! I have tested this theory thoroughly. Side angles, front will work every time guaranteed. Go ahead, high-five someone now!

Was it awesomely perfect? Of course it was! :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Furniture Repaints

I've been wanting to repaint some of my barbie furniture for some time now. Once I painted my Barbie Mansion, I have some left over paint on hand and so I decided to finally do it.

This is a the Barbie Glam Bathroom set I have and decided to repaint. 
This one looks great in my Barbie Mansion Redesign Project, I just love the style of this! I still need to find a sink and a few other accessories to complete the bathroom.

This is another one I repainted. It's a Gloria Dining Set from the 90s I purchased on ebay. (Sorry for the low-res image)
I also painted this one for my redesign project however I am thinking the table ay be too big so I might use a different table and keep 2 of the chairs in. With the kitchen, it doesn't have a floor (in the image I just layer down some foam core). I'm not sure whether or not I want to have a permanent floor because I want to be able to fold up the dollhouse.

That's all for now, check back soon for more repaints!

Candle Holder Redesign

I picked up this cute candle holder from a local thrift store and I thought it would make a perfect coffee table in my Mansion Redesign.

I am always, always on the lookout for potential items I can use in my dollhouses. I hope this post inspires you to find awesome nicknacks. :)

So here is the candle holder. Doesn't it look like the perfect coffee table? I thought so, and for .99 cents I could't say no.
It's a dark chocolate brown and I wanted to put it into my Barbie Mansion, so I decided to paint it black.
First I cut measured the circles in the candle holder and cut them out of some Foam Core. Then I glued them in using my fabulous hot glue gun.
The texture on the top of the table wasn't to my liking. The glue made it bumpy so I cut out a piece of thick paper and glued it on top with Mod Podge. Then I gave it a couple coats of black paint.
Thanks for reading, happy blogging! :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Barbie Mansion Redesign Part 3

The wallpaper is finally up!! I totally got inspired by a completely different design scheme. As you can tell from previous posts, this scheme is my current obsession.

Naturally, I ran into some difficulties as I was installing the wallpaper. I used simple sheets of paper (standard paper thickness), applied Mod Podge to back and on walls of house. Similar to installing real wallpaper on your home walls, I used a flat object to smooth out the paper to avoid any air bubbles. Well some things are just unavoidable no matter how hard you to try to prevent them.

I added some walls for the bathroom to enclose it a but more. I also put in a floor where there was a gap.
I added the missing dowel over the master bedroom window, just have to make some pretty curtains now. :)

The columns had the Wild Cats logo on it so I covered it up with some card stock and a pretty embellishment. I can totally still see the logo underneath hehe.

Until next time, happy day!! :)

Herb Planters

I was cruising around on Pinterest and I came across these awesome herb planters. They're really neat cause not only do you use recycled materials, they're so convenient to quickly snip as your cooking dinner.

I went to Ikea recently and found these pretty planters that I just had to get! They also had some hanging ones but I couldn't find the chains they hung from. I love the idea of using recycled materials but these were just too pretty to pass up.

I picked up a herb planting set from Walmart, it came with a super cute little tin bucket but I'll save that for another project. The one thing about this set that concerned me was that it didn't say to germinate the seeds prior to planting. I have a bunch of extras so if they don't sprout within the time frame they're supposed to, then I will germinate them.

This seed set was very simple. Mix 1/2 cup of water to the soil and push in about 15 seeds and cover with more soil.

Then I gave them labels so I wouldn't forget :)

And lastly spray them with some water. It recommends spraying instead of pouring the water. This is because you want to avoid over watering your seeds.

I have never purchased a set like this before and I originally wanted to get organic seeds for the best growth, but we'll see how these go! :) 

They're sprouting!! Its so exciting watching plants grow, so beautiful!

Thanks for reading, have a fabulous day!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Design Inspiration

I was out & about today, stopped at Michaels to pick up some wallpaper and foam core for my Barbie Mansion Redesign Project, when I found a super pretty & elegant collection in the home decor that I just HAD to share with you!

This collection is called Ashland Signature Accents Modern Parisian. Isn't it just lovely? I'm in loveeee!

The best part is that the entire collection is on sale for 50% off!! I picked up a couple items but I'm thinking of going back getting some more.

Til next time, thanks for reading :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Barbie Mansion Redesign Part 2

The first step to this process is removing all the stickers. I didn't have any "Goo Gone" nor did I want to buy any. So I researched some ways to do this by using some products you can find at home. Before trying anything I manually removed as many of the stickers as I could. First thing I tried was all-purpose cleaner. Didn't do the trick as I wanted it to. Next up, nail polish remover. This worked well on the areas where there were small stickers but I still needed something better for the big sticker areas. Then I tried vinegar and peanut butter. Neither work very well-vinegar is stinky and peanut butter is just messy! Alas, I found a solution! Baby oil!! Yay! Finally something I can use my baby oil with.

Once all the stickers were completely removed, I gave the whole thing a good wash. Then the painting began. It took about 3.5 cans of Krylon brand white paint for plastic. Silly me, I had just painted my nails the night before and now they're all white :p. Note to self: Next time, use gloves!

So here it is, all painted! Took me awhile to finally paint it as I've been sick this past week with a cold and when I was starting to feel better, BAM I got strep throat again. had it quite a bit last year but thats irrelevant :).

So for the design scheme, I wanted to go with something elegant and modern since the architecture in this dollhouse is so beautiful! I'm leaning towards scheme no. 3, but I LOVE polka dots so maybe no. 2?

Well now that paintings done, it's off to find some wallpaper! Have a wonderful day :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Children's Quiet Book

My son loves noisy toys, so much that it could drive you insane. I wanted to make him a quiet activity book where he could learn and.. well play quietly. :)

It is made entirely of felt plus a few odds and ends. It includes a sweater with zippable zipper, shoe with lace, pocket with button, clock with moveable hands, count the beads, x's & o's and his favourite part is the chalkboard with chalk pocket and attached eraser. 

For the chalkboard I picked up a roll of chalkboard paper (from michaels).  I kept the backing on, cut strips of felt and hot glued them to the page. Then I did a blanket stitch around the edges (as I have with everything in the book, including the edges of the pages).

Barbie Mansion Redesign - Part 1

For while now, I've had a passion for redesigning barbie houses and accessories. I've came across many blogs and have had tons of inspiration now. One of the redesigned houses I've seen was with a High School Musical Dollhouse from 2011 (I think). I have checked around ebay, craigslist, you name it - trying to get my hands on this beautiful dollhouse.

Until now. I went to a local thrift store the other day and behold, it was sitting there...tall and beautiful. Again, I squeaked! I still cannot believe I finally own one of these!! I have BIG plans for this one. Unfortunately it is missing the beautiful red french doors, the main door, the curtains and the accessories (but thats a given coming from a thrift store). So I am going to have to work with it.

These are my design schemes thus far. Which one do you like better?

Vintage Love Part 1

When I recently saw a local ad for a vintage perego 50s italian stroller, I squeaked! I would be CRAZY not to jump on this awesome deal!

The woman didn't have any photos but a mere replica image from google. She drove a couple hours to bring it to me (bless her) and it is beautiful!!! I am not planning for another baby anytime soon (although I do entertain the thought often), when I do my baby and I will sure be styling!

Isn't she a beauty? I paid $75 and I couldn't be happier. Actually, I think I could and you know why? I have plans for this one. I noticed this model does not have storage. I want to find a wicker basket for the bottom, possibly some sort of storage below the handle bars and I'm going to make the inside very plush and comfy (it definitely lacks comfort). I've even contemplated a white ruffle trim along the sides like a bassinet.

Stay tuned for updates! And thanks for checkin out my blog :)

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