Monday, January 30, 2017

Caleb's Room Tour

Caleb loves to play in his room and make huge messes - constantly! But that is expected since he is 2 and a half and LIVES to cause mayhem and mischief - daily. I want to start by clearing the air on one main thing you may have noticed is not present in Caleb's room - a dresser. Once upon a time he did have one. It was a 3-drawer dresser from IKEA that he had since he was a baby. Unfortunately, that dresser (along with Isabella's dresser and many others) were recalled so we had returned them to the store. I swear I have OCD and I am extremely picky on almost everything. Point is, for while after their dressers were sent back, I was actively looking for ones to replace them with. As time went on, their older sister, Mekenzie, has a long oak dresser and I have caught Caleb numerous times, opening the drawers and climbing on top of the dresser. That's when I decided I will not get him another dresser. It actually worked out well this way because now he has all that extra space for his toys and trust me, he has a lot! The photos don't even do justice because he keeps a lot of toys in the play area of our living room.

Caleb is a monkey baby, he always has been. He is the child that will literally get into everything - even the things you put out of reach! In fact, I am going to make a post about his toddler escapades and mischief to give you some laughs and possible comfort if you go through the same thing as I do.

This is the sign for his door that his big sister Mekenzie made for him. She actually made one for every sibling - including herself. They are quite adorable. She definately takes after me with how artsy fartsy she is. 

In a perfect world, this is the wall in which his "dresser" would be sitting against. Don't get me wrong, I have every intention of getting him a dresser in the future once I know for sure that he is over the stage of dresser climbing. Some of you are probably thinking - why don't you just get a mounting kit? - well, here's why: I rent my home and honestly, the thought of a dresser being pulled and tipped only held by screws in the wall still scares the heck out of me. If I do it, I'm going to do it in a semi-permanent manner.

I lucked out with the big wooden letter 'C' and that I snagged from a local thrift store. It was already painted and ready to go - score!! This cute little guitar was a gift to him from his Aunties and cousin when they took a trip to Mexico. The photo of his daddy and him as a baby on daddy's truck is just so priceless! 

If you can guess it, yes this is from my framable quote book (in case you haven't notice, I freaking LOVE that book! There's a few different kinds that I have every intention on buying). 

His reading corner is still a work in progress. I bought some spice rack (book shelves) from IKEA that I will be painting and hanging up for his books. You can't see, but his books are in a canvas basket beside his bed. 

No room in our house would be right without something Disney in it! Caleb's room has plenty of Disney - especially with his love for Olaf!

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Isabella's Room Tour

I've had many compliments on my youngest daughter, Isabella's bedroom so I wanted to give a room tour. It's been a work in progress - that's for sure! Finding all the pieces and elements have been a little tricky but I have found some super awesome deals.

We haven't been able to paint the walls in our house yet as we are renting at the moment, but I've kind of gotten used to the blue walls - lol! The theme of her room is pink & gold.


I've since moved a couple of things around and added some. Designing her room and seeing how all the little things pull it together is so fun and rewarding. What theme is your little princesses room? 

Thanks for reading!

Easy Dresser Revamp

You've probably seen my recent post of my daughter Mekenzie's bedroom makeover. If you haven't you can quickly jump to it right here. I really like her dresser however over the years it been pretty beat up. It's solid pine wood (suuuper heavy!) that I managed to find for free years back. Before we found this dresser, our two oldest daughters were really rough on their stuff. They had one of those cheap particle-board type dressers with the plastic handles and the drawers were constantly breaking and falling apart. My solution - solid wood! Quality is the answer haha, and of course durability.

Anyways, the dresser itself has plenty of dings and dents but its still holding together. My husband wants to sand it down really good and paint it a beautiful glossy black to match the rest of her furniture -- that'll be a Spring/Summer project.

So here is a photo of her dresser before (as you remember from her bedroom makeover post). Super simple, plain, and oak. Nothing special and certainly nothing exciting either!


Those scratches and dents certainly show up magnified in photos which makes me even more excited to sand that baby down and paint her up really pretty!

As I was planning this little project, I realized that I didn't have turquoise paint - so I made my own! I sort of know the basics on how to make that colour however Pinterest (once again) was my good friend in the making of my teal paint. I used basic acrylic paint for this project. 

Since the oak knobs had a clear varnish over top, I had to sand them down. You dont have to sand them all the way down, just enough to rough them up a bit.

For the next step, I used a simple and easy primer I purchased from Michaels. I used the Martha Stewart Gesso Primer. I painted about 2-3 layers of primer on each knob.

Once the primer was fully dried (a few minutes), I started to apply my beautiful turquoise paint. I covered these babies in about 3 coats of paint. Yeah - it got messy! My hands were thoroughly covered in paint but it was super easy to wash off.

After applying the acrylic paint to my oak knobs, it dried with a very matte finish and I really didn't like the look of that. I had picked up some gloss Mod Podge and painted a single layer on the each knob. 

Much better! The colour was slightly different when it dried but in a good way. I love it and I can't wait for Mekenzie to see them! This was a complete sporadic craft that I decided to do today so she has no idea.


LOVE them! This was so quick and easy and I happened to have all the materials I needed laying around the house so it didn''t even cost me a penny! Wait, a nickel. It didn't even cost me a nickel! (We no longer have pennies in Canada). 

Thanks so much for reading!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Isaiah's Room Tour

My oldest son's room is probably one of the most design-challenging rooms in my house. For starters, it's super small and its a, 'L' shape. However, it's cozy and he doesn't complain. I'm quite happy how its turned out so far but if you have any recommendations, please do not hesitate to comment below!

As you can tell, my son loves Mario and Pokemon so I've made sure to incorporate them in my designing process. So as you walk into his room, to the left is his desk. This area has changed quite a bit since we had moved in. I took the top unit off because it was huge and bulky and just made his room feel tight and crowded. Now that it is off, it feels very open and adds more desk space. I had purchased the black floating wall shelf on clearance from Jysk years back that has been collecting dust. Its a perfect spot for his books and sonic comics. I'll have to find or make a set of book ends [eventually].

Wall Shelf - Jysk
Garbage Can - IKEA
Red, blue & green numbered bins - IKEA
Wooden name decor - Handmade from the local farmers market
Small cork board - Dollarama
Blue storage bins - Dollarama

I love these cube shelves. Its the perfect little spot for his Mario and Pokemon figures & collectibles. Notice the Pikachu origami from a previous post? :) Most of these figures can be found on Amazon or at your local thrift store. Value Village is where I go to find character figurines because they usually bundle sets up together. So far, I've found the whole set of Jake and the Neverland pirates character figurines and all of the Aladdin characters. 

Mario wall decals -

Thanks for reading!

Mekenzie's Room Makeover

My second oldest daughter, Mekenzie, will be turning 11 this Summer (holy moly!) and I wanted to do something super special for her. She's growing into a lovely, responsible and caring young lady and I am so proud of her. She is truly a mini-me and it blows my mind every single day; from her attitude, to her patience, to her love for art and passion to create.

I don't have any photos from her old room unfortunately. We originally had her and her sister in the bedroom downstaires but had moved them upstaires into the family room once their Uncle moved in. It's a spacious room with a fireplace, sliding doors onto the deck and a nesting door that slides in & out of the wall for privacy. Needless to say, the room before lacked organization and style.

It was cute for the two of them in the past but now that they are in their own rooms, it was time to adjust her room to suit her age and her growing interests.


We upgraded her bed to a double so it will fit her for years to come. I'll include links below to where I purchased some of her bedroom items from. Her bed is the Aarberg bedframe purchased from Jysk. Her bed set was originally purchased from Home Sense but it was handed down to her from our friend.

Bedframe - AARBERG from Jysk
Bed Set - From Home Sense but I found it on Amazon right here
Bedside Table - LACK from IKEA
White Canopy - STEFANIA Mosquito Net from Jysk

I can't include links for any of the items on her desk because I got some items used and some at stores that you can't stop at online.

Wall frame flowers - Home Sense
Magnetic Board - Dollarama
Glass bowl with gold - Michaels
Blue bird ornament - Michaels
'xoxo' Gold sparkle liquid frame - The picture inside ('xoxo') was from a book framable quotes I purchased from Michaels, and the frame was a clearance item from Christmas time at Michaels.

Framable Quotes Book - Available at Michaels. Pinned from Polka Dots Love

Gold tealight holder - Michaels
White stand-up frame - IKEA found here. The image inside came from the same book as the gold sparkle frame
The coloring caddy was homemade from a friend
Marquee light-up 'M' - Michaels
Desk - Looks like Ikea LACK series but it could be a different series

Wall Hooks - Home Sense
Brown leather purse - Ardenes
Teal nerdy pouf keychain - Michaels

Heidi Swapp Instax light banner <3

My homemade tissue poufs! They are ridiculously easy and super cheap. Check out this super easy and fast tutorial right here!


Gold light-up marquee - Michaels
Centre framed art - Home Sense
Heart with arrow - Heidi Swapp from Michaels
Small 'love your selfie' canvas art - Michaels
Framed art on left and right are from my framable quotes book.

Her reading area. This corner is still a work in progress. I originally had her white netting/canopy in this corner but I wasn't happy about the way it flowed over the book shelves on the wall. I'm keeping my eye out for a cute comfy chair for this corner and then I will have to find a solution for those messy-looking stuffed animals she isn't ready to let go of yet.

This is quick-fix barbie organization. She had one of those wide 3-drawer plastic storage units but her and her sister had broken the top drawer so I came up with this idea. It's not the prettiest looking but I had stuck a shelf piece on top of the left side cause I didn't have a second plastic top piece to the shelf unit. It functions though and looks a hundred times better than it did before, so yay me! And on a side note, I'm still trying to figure out a way to hide those unsightly ugly cords thats stretch behind her barbie mansion. Feel free to share any tips for me!

Thanks for reading,

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Crochet Pizza Blanket

I mentioned in a previous post (Crochet Mermaid Blanket), about procrastinating on making these blankets for my big kids. I made my oldest two daughters mermaid tail blankets but I didn't know what I should make my oldest son. 

It got me thinking...does he want to be a mermaid? Well, he likes the water but he doesn't love it. That one's out. Just kidding! How about a shark? Hmmm looks like a lot more work than I'd like to do and it brings me back to the same reasons for the mermaid blanket. I searched [Pinterest] and then I came across this. Perfect! A pizza slice, love it! It turned out pretty damn awesome too! Pattern I used is below. For this one, I left an opening on the right side of the crust for him to climb in and out of since its so long. I didn't pay for this pattern, nor do I know if there even is a free version out there but all I did was count the stitches in the photo and just kind of went from there. Personally, I think it depends on the size of your child or whomever your making it for. Take into consideration their height and width and always go wider than they are so that it doesn't end up being a suffocating cocoon-like-swaddling-stray blanket.

Thanks for reading!

Crochet Mermaid Blanket

I had crocheted my two oldest daughters some mermaid tail blankets this past Christmas. It was one of those things I've wanted to make for quite some time and then life just kind of kept getting in the way and I'd forget. Well, I set the goal this past year to finally buckle down and make them. As usual, when I follow a crochet pattern, I tend to slightly alter it to my liking or I'll use it as a basic guideline and just wing it.

I made these blankets using a couple of different patterns which I linked below. My oldest daughters blanket is the exact same but instead of a multi-coloured blue, I used a multi-coloured purple.

Thanks for reading!
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