Sunday, January 15, 2017

Bella's First Birthday

I can't believe its been over a year since I've posted anything! Life has gotten so busy: I had another baby (number 5!), we moved, my oldest starting middle school, life happenings and my husband trying to find his career passion. Well, I'm thrilled to say he has, we love our new house, our kids are happy and healthy and our youngest turned one on December 16, 2016!

Time flies so fast, if you dont sit down to watch it and enjoy, it'll just pass you by. That's the absolute most important thing in life; time. You can't buy it, you can't get it back and you can't touch it. All you can do is take each day minute by minute and enjoy every little thing that life throws at you.

It's the smaller things that you may not think are important (to you) but mean everything to someone else. My kids are constantly coming up to me, "Mom! Come look at this!" or "Mom! Do you wanna see my dance?" Use these moments as opportunities to make them feel important. You may have already seen your daughters dance to that radio song you hear every day that drives you nuts but you watch it again because it makes her feel special. You may have dishes piling up on your counter that you need to reload into your dishwasher and your toddler wants you to pick him up, the dishes aren't going anywhere but your toddler is growing up quicker than you think. You take these seemingly small unprioritized life moments and you make them a priority. Later in life, your kids will look back and remember how often you were there for them, whether it was truly important or not.

Anyways, back to the purpose of this post - My baby girl turned 1!! So exciting but I cannot believe how fast her first year flew by!

This cake turned out so perfect! A good friend of mine made it for her and she put m&ms inside of it to peak Bella's interest in digging them up! She was so hilarious, she was being so careful and trying not to get messy. The funniest part of it - when she's eating meals in her high chair, she makes the biggest mess and doesn't have a care in the world!

I totally forgot to mention, I made her 'ONE' banner. The letters are from Michaels ($1.50 each!), the twine rope I had on hand and then some tissue paper. I even made her pom-poms too!

I loved this Hot Cocoa Bar we had! Marshmallows and strawberry candy canes to add even MORE sweetness to an already hot sweet treat. The chalkboard I got on clearance from Michaels (love that store!)

Yes, this is the same chalkboard I made for Caleb's first birthday. It has become my famous birthday announcement board I make up for all my kids birthdays.

Hope you enjoyed!

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