Sunday, January 15, 2017

Caleb Turns 2!

It's kind of funny how fast time passes by. My last post was Caleb's first birthday and I'm already posting about his 2nd birthday! I'm quite surprised at how much his hair has grown since then and I've actually had to cut it a couple times since then.

Olaf In the Summer!

Here's the chalkboard that I made from his first birthday and I am so glad I kept it! It really comes in handy for birthdays as you can see. It pulls everything together quite nicely!

I LOVED his birthday cake! I baked the cake and daddy iced it, and he did a mighty fine job if I do say so myself. The Olaf on top was just a singing toy we had purchased from Toys R Us when it was on sale months prior.

I also made these adorable 'melting snowmen' cups. I just got some styrofoam cups from the dollar store, drew some cute olaf faces on them with sharpie markers, filled them with vanilla ice cream and put a couple pretzel sticks and chocolate chips in them. SO easy and so cute! Everyone loved them.

With all the guests that showed up to join in the chaos, I never actually snapped a good birthday photo of Caleb but here he is opening his big present from Grandma!

Happy 2nd Birthday Caleb! We love you xoxo

And thank you for reading!

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