Monday, January 30, 2017

Caleb's Room Tour

Caleb loves to play in his room and make huge messes - constantly! But that is expected since he is 2 and a half and LIVES to cause mayhem and mischief - daily. I want to start by clearing the air on one main thing you may have noticed is not present in Caleb's room - a dresser. Once upon a time he did have one. It was a 3-drawer dresser from IKEA that he had since he was a baby. Unfortunately, that dresser (along with Isabella's dresser and many others) were recalled so we had returned them to the store. I swear I have OCD and I am extremely picky on almost everything. Point is, for while after their dressers were sent back, I was actively looking for ones to replace them with. As time went on, their older sister, Mekenzie, has a long oak dresser and I have caught Caleb numerous times, opening the drawers and climbing on top of the dresser. That's when I decided I will not get him another dresser. It actually worked out well this way because now he has all that extra space for his toys and trust me, he has a lot! The photos don't even do justice because he keeps a lot of toys in the play area of our living room.

Caleb is a monkey baby, he always has been. He is the child that will literally get into everything - even the things you put out of reach! In fact, I am going to make a post about his toddler escapades and mischief to give you some laughs and possible comfort if you go through the same thing as I do.

This is the sign for his door that his big sister Mekenzie made for him. She actually made one for every sibling - including herself. They are quite adorable. She definately takes after me with how artsy fartsy she is. 

In a perfect world, this is the wall in which his "dresser" would be sitting against. Don't get me wrong, I have every intention of getting him a dresser in the future once I know for sure that he is over the stage of dresser climbing. Some of you are probably thinking - why don't you just get a mounting kit? - well, here's why: I rent my home and honestly, the thought of a dresser being pulled and tipped only held by screws in the wall still scares the heck out of me. If I do it, I'm going to do it in a semi-permanent manner.

I lucked out with the big wooden letter 'C' and that I snagged from a local thrift store. It was already painted and ready to go - score!! This cute little guitar was a gift to him from his Aunties and cousin when they took a trip to Mexico. The photo of his daddy and him as a baby on daddy's truck is just so priceless! 

If you can guess it, yes this is from my framable quote book (in case you haven't notice, I freaking LOVE that book! There's a few different kinds that I have every intention on buying). 

His reading corner is still a work in progress. I bought some spice rack (book shelves) from IKEA that I will be painting and hanging up for his books. You can't see, but his books are in a canvas basket beside his bed. 

No room in our house would be right without something Disney in it! Caleb's room has plenty of Disney - especially with his love for Olaf!

 Thank you for reading!

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