Monday, January 16, 2017

DIY Galaxy Nails

My daughters love painting their nails, but they like me painting their nails a lot more (and I do too!). Not too long ago, my two oldest girls were asking me to paint them "galaxy" nails. I jumped right onto Pinterest and found some cool tutorials on how to achieve that look. I've never done them before and they were surprising quite easy. It's ok if you mess up a bit because they don't have to be perfect to look amazing!

I wish I got photos of both girls' nails. My other daughter has super short nails (she's a nail biter like her mama). She had the dark galaxy nails with the deep blue and purple. They both turned out super cool!

This was the tutorial that I followed and it was super easy. I'm thinking though that next time, I will do some nails the dark galaxy and some nails the light galaxy. It just looks so cool! 

Thanks for reading!

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