Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Easy Dresser Revamp

You've probably seen my recent post of my daughter Mekenzie's bedroom makeover. If you haven't you can quickly jump to it right here. I really like her dresser however over the years it been pretty beat up. It's solid pine wood (suuuper heavy!) that I managed to find for free years back. Before we found this dresser, our two oldest daughters were really rough on their stuff. They had one of those cheap particle-board type dressers with the plastic handles and the drawers were constantly breaking and falling apart. My solution - solid wood! Quality is the answer haha, and of course durability.

Anyways, the dresser itself has plenty of dings and dents but its still holding together. My husband wants to sand it down really good and paint it a beautiful glossy black to match the rest of her furniture -- that'll be a Spring/Summer project.

So here is a photo of her dresser before (as you remember from her bedroom makeover post). Super simple, plain, and oak. Nothing special and certainly nothing exciting either!


Those scratches and dents certainly show up magnified in photos which makes me even more excited to sand that baby down and paint her up really pretty!

As I was planning this little project, I realized that I didn't have turquoise paint - so I made my own! I sort of know the basics on how to make that colour however Pinterest (once again) was my good friend in the making of my teal paint. I used basic acrylic paint for this project. 

Since the oak knobs had a clear varnish over top, I had to sand them down. You dont have to sand them all the way down, just enough to rough them up a bit.

For the next step, I used a simple and easy primer I purchased from Michaels. I used the Martha Stewart Gesso Primer. I painted about 2-3 layers of primer on each knob.

Once the primer was fully dried (a few minutes), I started to apply my beautiful turquoise paint. I covered these babies in about 3 coats of paint. Yeah - it got messy! My hands were thoroughly covered in paint but it was super easy to wash off.

After applying the acrylic paint to my oak knobs, it dried with a very matte finish and I really didn't like the look of that. I had picked up some gloss Mod Podge and painted a single layer on the each knob. 

Much better! The colour was slightly different when it dried but in a good way. I love it and I can't wait for Mekenzie to see them! This was a complete sporadic craft that I decided to do today so she has no idea.


LOVE them! This was so quick and easy and I happened to have all the materials I needed laying around the house so it didn''t even cost me a penny! Wait, a nickel. It didn't even cost me a nickel! (We no longer have pennies in Canada). 

Thanks so much for reading!

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