Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Isaiah's Room Tour

My oldest son's room is probably one of the most design-challenging rooms in my house. For starters, it's super small and its a, 'L' shape. However, it's cozy and he doesn't complain. I'm quite happy how its turned out so far but if you have any recommendations, please do not hesitate to comment below!

As you can tell, my son loves Mario and Pokemon so I've made sure to incorporate them in my designing process. So as you walk into his room, to the left is his desk. This area has changed quite a bit since we had moved in. I took the top unit off because it was huge and bulky and just made his room feel tight and crowded. Now that it is off, it feels very open and adds more desk space. I had purchased the black floating wall shelf on clearance from Jysk years back that has been collecting dust. Its a perfect spot for his books and sonic comics. I'll have to find or make a set of book ends [eventually].

Wall Shelf - Jysk
Garbage Can - IKEA
Red, blue & green numbered bins - IKEA
Wooden name decor - Handmade from the local farmers market
Small cork board - Dollarama
Blue storage bins - Dollarama

I love these cube shelves. Its the perfect little spot for his Mario and Pokemon figures & collectibles. Notice the Pikachu origami from a previous post? :) Most of these figures can be found on Amazon or at your local thrift store. Value Village is where I go to find character figurines because they usually bundle sets up together. So far, I've found the whole set of Jake and the Neverland pirates character figurines and all of the Aladdin characters. 

Mario wall decals - Amazon.com

Thanks for reading!

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