Sunday, January 15, 2017

Mekenzie Turns 10!

Every year when my children's birthdays are coming up, I ask them what theme they would like for their birthday but I always make sure that they are positive on their choice. This year was a big one for Mekenzie (my second oldest) because she turns the big double digits - 10! Of course, she chose what every 10 year old girl loves - SHOPKINS!

Mekenzie's 10th Birthday - Shopkin style!

The table set up - Wish I had gotten some better photos but it was all planned out from the "Miss Twist" Twizzlers to "Poppy Corn" popcorn and even "Cooky Cookie" cookies. So much fun!

Classic silly birthday girl! Has to spear icing on her face every year!

And her big sister too!

And even Caleb too! That's a yummy cupcake!

The Shopkins purse I crocheted for her. She absolutely loved it. I custom made it with using her favourite colours. She had an awesome birthday!

Thanks for joining :)

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