Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Mekenzie's Room Makeover

My second oldest daughter, Mekenzie, will be turning 11 this Summer (holy moly!) and I wanted to do something super special for her. She's growing into a lovely, responsible and caring young lady and I am so proud of her. She is truly a mini-me and it blows my mind every single day; from her attitude, to her patience, to her love for art and passion to create.

I don't have any photos from her old room unfortunately. We originally had her and her sister in the bedroom downstaires but had moved them upstaires into the family room once their Uncle moved in. It's a spacious room with a fireplace, sliding doors onto the deck and a nesting door that slides in & out of the wall for privacy. Needless to say, the room before lacked organization and style.

It was cute for the two of them in the past but now that they are in their own rooms, it was time to adjust her room to suit her age and her growing interests.


We upgraded her bed to a double so it will fit her for years to come. I'll include links below to where I purchased some of her bedroom items from. Her bed is the Aarberg bedframe purchased from Jysk. Her bed set was originally purchased from Home Sense but it was handed down to her from our friend.

Bedframe - AARBERG from Jysk
Bed Set - From Home Sense but I found it on Amazon right here
Bedside Table - LACK from IKEA
White Canopy - STEFANIA Mosquito Net from Jysk

I can't include links for any of the items on her desk because I got some items used and some at stores that you can't stop at online.

Wall frame flowers - Home Sense
Magnetic Board - Dollarama
Glass bowl with gold - Michaels
Blue bird ornament - Michaels
'xoxo' Gold sparkle liquid frame - The picture inside ('xoxo') was from a book framable quotes I purchased from Michaels, and the frame was a clearance item from Christmas time at Michaels.

Framable Quotes Book - Available at Michaels. Pinned from Polka Dots Love

Gold tealight holder - Michaels
White stand-up frame - IKEA found here. The image inside came from the same book as the gold sparkle frame
The coloring caddy was homemade from a friend
Marquee light-up 'M' - Michaels
Desk - Looks like Ikea LACK series but it could be a different series

Wall Hooks - Home Sense
Brown leather purse - Ardenes
Teal nerdy pouf keychain - Michaels

Heidi Swapp Instax light banner <3

My homemade tissue poufs! They are ridiculously easy and super cheap. Check out this super easy and fast tutorial right here!


Gold light-up marquee - Michaels
Centre framed art - Home Sense
Heart with arrow - Heidi Swapp from Michaels
Small 'love your selfie' canvas art - Michaels
Framed art on left and right are from my framable quotes book.

Her reading area. This corner is still a work in progress. I originally had her white netting/canopy in this corner but I wasn't happy about the way it flowed over the book shelves on the wall. I'm keeping my eye out for a cute comfy chair for this corner and then I will have to find a solution for those messy-looking stuffed animals she isn't ready to let go of yet.

This is quick-fix barbie organization. She had one of those wide 3-drawer plastic storage units but her and her sister had broken the top drawer so I came up with this idea. It's not the prettiest looking but I had stuck a shelf piece on top of the left side cause I didn't have a second plastic top piece to the shelf unit. It functions though and looks a hundred times better than it did before, so yay me! And on a side note, I'm still trying to figure out a way to hide those unsightly ugly cords thats stretch behind her barbie mansion. Feel free to share any tips for me!

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